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  • I have been working  with Ben Barrett since 2012.  Ben has years of experience as a strength and fitness specialist and a vast knowledge of anatomy and function of the musculoskeletal system as well as knowledge of the structure and physiology of the heart obtained at the St. Francis Heart Institute.  Three things I can say about Ben is that he is thoughtful, careful and innovative. Thoughtful:  He spends a lot of time developing an individual routine for each session, keeping notes to track your progress.   Careful: He is challenging but careful. He works with my strengths and weaknesses and around my problem areas.  He will research and find a way.  We continued to train despite my broken arm last year.  I am now back to full use and strength.  He is very particular about correct form and will not let me continue the set once my form is gone in order to prevent injury.   Innovative:  When the epidemic hit we had to adapt to workout by Zoom.  Ben found ways to use whatever we had on hand at home. No need to buy a lot of expensive equipment. He motivates me and challenges me to do “two more” when he knows I can.  I feel fit and strong and  do not feel my age.  Thank you Ben.  And now back in person at the new studio.
  • It has really been great working out with Ben Barrett! He has inspired and encouraged me to begin a fitness regimen tailored to my needs an abilities while helping me to increase my strength, stability and ability. Ben has made a real difference in my life!
    Pat Jordan
  • Ben Barrett is a great personal trainer who addresses my particular needs within a wholistic approach to my training. He puts the "personal" in personal trainer - Ben quickly developed a highly individualized program addressing my previous injuries together with my goals for strengthening and aerobic conditioning. Beyond our weekly meetings where Ben guides me through each exercise, he inspires my efforts between visits with recommendations and then forwards articles of interest and videos of new ideas for exercises at home. Ben has been smoothly building my capacity and strength each week through exercise and recommended dietary improvements. He keeps meticulous notes on each session and has an impressive knowledge of the human body and how it works. He is positive, inspiring and focussed, and with the help of an impressively expansive record collection, we have fun each week. Importantly, my injuries have not resurfaced due to strengthening around the injured area, and I notice improved strength addressing my goals.
    Lyme, CT
  • I have known Ben Barrett as my personal trainer since April 2016. Ben’s expertise and responsiveness to developing a workout program designed to meet my personal health needs and goals have been very effective. He is very personable and sensitive to my changing health status. He’s flexible in providing his bi-weekly training sessions in his office or by Zoom. His fees are very reasonable and I have benefitted from his expertise. Without hesitation, I would recommend Ben to those individuals who are seeking a qualified, caring personal trainer.
    Carol P
  • I have been training with Ben for about a year over Zoom. I highly recommend him as a trainer. He is very knowledgeable about the human body, how it is put together and how it works. I am a senior and have some slight knee and shoulder limitations. Ben has the ability to provide a training program that recognizes these limitations and that helps to reduce them while providing a full body workout. If I can’t do a new exercise Ben has been quick to modify it so I can accomplish the goal of the exercise by a different way. Ben also sees when things are getting easy for me and bumps the resistance just enough so it doesn’t hurt but I feel it.
    Mark Hastings
    Lyme CT