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I thought about having a section for Nutrition for maybe 30 seconds, but then came to the realization that nutrition is more divisive than the nonsensical binary strength versus cardio debate. Both are equally important. And, yea, I know I should talk more about the nutrition topic, (undergraduate degree in Nutritional biochemistry).  But there are so many nutritional zealots out there, and people seem to gravitate towards one camp or another, usually based on their food interests, and which one seems more appealing to them.  More importantly, if you are eating wholesome foods and not the standard American diet (SAD) with its overabundance of processed foods and with that, a high sodium and saturated fat content devoid of essential micronutrients, and regular alcohol consumption that usually goes with that, then the lifestyle I prescribe to you will facilitate the foods you eat to the various organ systems of your body in the most optimal manner possible.  It’s a no-brainer.


Everything emanates from strength; without it, life becomes observed, not lived.  Whether explosive power is needed to get upstairs quickly, agility needed to maneuver through a crowded room, flexibility to bend down and tie your shoes, or the peak aerobic endurance to rush and make a flight change at the last minute at a long and busy airport terminal, all stem from strength.  Without adequate strength, you are doing all those above activities at a much lower level, if at all.


Now think about those same activities mentioned above, and see yourself doing them in 10, 20, or 30 years from now.  They will be more challenging.  As we age, there is a substantial loss in both bone density (osteopenia) and muscle mass (sarcopenia).  We must counter that by being proactive and working to prevent as best we can, those losses.

Cardiovascular Activity

The debate over which is better, strength or cardio will make me feel like I am back in Nursery school, so I will not even mention that further.  Apples and oranges.

Cardiovascular activity is a continuum of intensities, from the very easy level of walking or strolling at a very comfortable pace (we will call that zone 1 out of 5 zones), all the way to an all out effort for an given period of time (we will call that zone 5).

Now, somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, a place exists I like to call the Goldie locks zone, or zone 2: it is a place where the fountain of youth can be tapped into.  This Goldie locks zone markers:

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